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Seasonal Special - 20 Point Tune-Up

1- Change engine oil & oil filter if applicable

2- Lubricate chassis, wheel spindles, pivoting axle and deck

3- Sharpen and balance mower blades or replace **

4- Check mower level and adjust if necessary

5- Inspect, clean, regap or replace spark plug (s) **

6- Clean engine and transmission cooling fins and air intake

7- Inspect powertrain and add lubricant if required

8- Inspect belts and pulleys, and replace if necessary **

9- Check tire pressure and adjust if necessary

10- Clean battery terminals

11- Inspect and lubricate steering.

12- Inspect and adjust carburetor if necessary.

13- Test engine RPM’s and adjust if necessary

14- Clean air filter or replace. **

15- Check starting, charging and ignition systems.

16- Inspect shift / clutch mechanisms and lubricate

17- Inspect throttle control cable & choke control cable

18- Check safety switches

19- Check and adjust PTO clutch air gap

20- Test overall performance

** Parts are Extra

(Removing rear wheels / tires & lubricate axle not included in special pricing)

Special pricing is being offered for a “Limited Time Only

Valid: January 1st. – March 15th.

“Half Price for Pick-Up & Delivery”

(Offer - Void after March15th.)

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